About us

About us




The company's activity is:

Consultancy, analysis, design, construction and maintenance of autonomous and connected to Grid solar power systems.

Solar water pumps; standard pumps are used, providing electricity from solar systems alone or together with other sources with capacities up to 750 KW.

Energy-independent houses.,

Control and protection of electric motors 220 and 380 volts with capacities from 0.3 to 750 Kw

Projects of the European programs.

My name is Ivan Granchev and I am the founder of ENERGY BG Burgas. My passion is ENERGY FROM THE NATURE I have been doing for more than 35 years.

The first water pump with wind turbine was built in 1980 in APC Aytos, which supplies a sheep farm in the Karamishe place, a small village in the village of Malka poliana Bourgas.

Then we built small wind turbines for water and electricity, mainly with small capacities.

After the emergence of solar photovoltaic systems, we started to use them very hard, as Bulgaria has the ideal conditions for this - about 250 sunny days a year. They can be placed on land, roofs and where there are no usable areas.

A renewable energy law was passed in 2006 and since then we have been professionally engaged in the production of light for sale to the distribution companies

So far we have built over 60 photovoltaic plants all over Bulgaria and abroad, with the autonomous ones having over 300 KWp power, connected to the network over 500 KWp, participation and preparation of photovoltaic plants projects above 12 MWp.

We have served over 1000+ customers to whom we have provided our products, and one of them has built ourselves with our advice and guidance.
This gives us the confidence that we can be as useful as possible to solve your individual requirements for the use of solar electricity and other services we offer and need.

We have a base of 2200 square meters and built-up area over 750 square meters, which we use for workshop and warehouse.

Our specialists will assist you in all matters related to solar systems according to your individual needs.

We are at your disposal to solve your emerging needs together.